Here are a bunch of my favourite blogs that I think you should really have a read of!

The Confessions of a Professional Drama Queen
Laura is a gorgeous girl, she's funny and friendly and her personality shines through her writing. I stumbled across her on Glipho and never looked back. For relatable, entertaining, fantastic posts I'd recommend a read of this blog.

Milk Bubble Tea
Becky's blog is gorgeous, I think we all secretly - or not so secretly - envy Milk Bubble Tea. Her photography is stunning, her dog Oscar is adorable and I just love her style.

Gingerly Pale
Jess is a girl after my own heart, I admire her passion for words, share her love of books and always enjoy her Simple Sundays. We also happen to both be sixteen but act older through our avid tea drinking and medical drama watching - though she opts for Holby City and I go for Casualty.

Annie Writes Beauty
I met Alice Anne through the #socialbloggers chat on Twitter and she is such a lovely lady. As a self confessed beauty obsessive, I love having a read through Alice's blog whether it be one of her reviews, her wishlists or her hauls. Her blog does nothing for my bank balance though, it makes me want to buy everything.

Becca's Fashion and Life
I always enjoy Becca's posts, particularly her 'This Week I...' series. I don't really know what to say about Becca's blog other than I'm drawn to it, I just like her blog a lot and I think you will too. She also writes Becca's Fitness and Life.

The Fudge  Cake
Brooke is a beautiful teen from Wales.  I adore her blog name and design, her story is inspirational and her posts are a pleasure to read. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, Brooke's blog is currently inactive and has been since March. That doesn't mean we can't all show her some love all the same.

One Stop Savvy
I admire Clare. I love her attitude, her personality and of course her posts. She is a mummy-turned-blogger who writes about parenthood, beauty and fitness too. She has a theme for every day of the week and to be honest, I don't know where she finds the time! She is an adult with a child and a dog and a life and I am a teenager with no responsibilities outside of college and my animals yet she is still far more blog present than I am.

And Beauty or Something
Similar to Alice, Sarah's blog is another place I like to get my fix of all things beauty. And Beauty or Something is the place to be for reviews and recommendations from skincare to lipstick and everything in the middle. Her blog also has an air of sophistication which is nice.

Corinne, host of #socialbloggers, owner of the blogger forums and all round blogger personality. She writes a quality fashion and life blog which often amuses me. I also owe a thank you to Corinne as in more ways than one this year she has helped me out with my blog and blogging confidence.

Is there anyone else you think I should be reading? If so, leave the link in the comments xo

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  1. Awh thank you Becky!! Love your blog too <3